Unleash the Ophidian Essence From the Reverse of Creation [Remastered Version]


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Remastered version for tape and vinyl formats.


released June 16, 2017

Line up:

PERPETUAL NOTHING: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass
OMEGA: Guitars

Mixing by Javier Reyes.
Mastering by Aldo Celle
Cover art, Logo by Diego Donoso Suazola.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Eyeless God Gnosis
Unknowable power radiates, to infinity the flame that burns
In every man’s abyss unmanifested, divine, strength of self-knowledge
Opposites are able to touch each other, in the infinite, when the wild
Becomes one with the occult pleroma, raising infinity, chaos, continuity

Darkness, precedes light
Reborn, of mystery means will
Create and destruction
Of all meaning Eyeless God Gnosis

Ascension, spiritual alchemy
Origin in the asymmetric Death
Lucifer’s eye, Blind God
The One who was able to see in the dark

Overcoming the dichotomy, the return to the origin
The Perpetual Darkness
Track Name: The Red Key
Desecration of the purity
Violent sublimation
Perverse key of knowledge
Open the path to infinity power!

The feminine aspect of existence,
To reveal the world that JHVA wanted to forget the veil of light

That path towards divinity and the yawning decoupling of the laws
Evocation of knowledge that leads to the overcoming of the Creation

Returns to the darkness

Eradication of knowledge of moral compliance
Darkness is a superior force between good and evil
Exodus to the secrets of Sitra Ahra
The amoral realm where unexplored treasures will hide!

Eroticism! Real divine sacrament!
Inherent latency of the total distance of the demiurge cosmos
Track Name: Communion whit Forbbiden Darkness
Self-generated in the darkness formless core
A divine power is growing in the womb of a thunderstorm
Their existence is before, after the verb
And thus the creations are the signs that represent it.

The Alpha and Omega

That is the abysmal reality, behind the veils from a chained perception,
Eons of false knowledge based on a famished salvation

Ethereal incandescent snake,
Encloses the mysteries of existence,
Ethereal incandescent snake,
Communion with Forbidden Darkness!

Violent sublimations and impure rituals are the key to open the hidden!

Depths behind the sky and stars and return to immerse ourselves
That colorless and formless ocean as they once were Tehom waters
Track Name: Incognoscible Force
Evocation from an enigmatic pulsion!
Eternal, Ineffable force the flame of all!
Exalted in the BABALON form!
Fundamental energy present in every act of real will.

Metamorphosis and overcoming of the chained creation
Transcendent release of an essence asleep for Eons

Incognoscible Force behind the False Light Paradigm

Never forget the ancient worship of the true Arkhe: “The Fire”
The testimony of the indomitable force that reveals primitive forgotten secrets
Therefore is necessary to look back the Ancient Beast

The Incognoscible Force!
Track Name: Macrocosmic Invertion
Men must return to the origin
Purifying their existence with fire and blood
Corrupting the fruits from a declining mercy!
Divinity is not outside of the cave
Rather in the darkest corner

Consecration of the divine purpose! Revelations!
Opening the doors of the occult, the portal that radiate powers
From the exalted emanations! Eleven angles of liberation
To return to the macrocosmic darkness, investing the existence!!

Investing the salvation,
Reversing the false light
Reflecting the splendor of darkness
Denying the impostor God!

Divinity is not outside of the cave
In the darkness corner where the light
Burned eternally into the abyss
Track Name: Promethean Salvation
The One who emerged from the depths of the uncreated
To whisper in the ear of the second Adam’s wife
Waking the will of fire in the human race
Prohibited sacrament under patriarchy
The one who lurks behind the summation three arcane

Dark flame revealed by the Promethean Serpent
Origin of the disobedience
Evil which makes Gods to man
Perpetual fall, knowledge of their own nature
Promethean Salvation!

Impure essence, contained in the chalice of abominations
Carried by the beast of apocalypse

Salvation, manifested in divine punishment
Before the existence of sin and guilt, the perversion

Praised the venom of God